Welcome to Bamboo, the ethical cleaning company

We are pioneers of an ethical and eco-friendly cleaning service, operating in the North East of England. At Bamboo, we guarantee a premium cleaning service, delivered by those you can really trust.

Why are we different?

At Bamboo, we understand that inviting someone unfamiliar into your home to clean is daunting. At Bamboo, we only employ the very best and friendliest people who are 100% committed to our vision and values. We even insist our employees go through regular training to ensure consistency and high quality. So, when a Bamboo employee enters your home, you will have total confidence in their quality of service. And most importantly you can trust them, like an extension of your family, to be in your most private areas of your home.

All Bamboo staff are fully insured, and undergo regular training and development to ensure they are the best that they can be.

But it doesn’t just stop there, Bamboo has a unique set of values that are at the heart of everything we do. Without these values, we wouldn’t be able to demand the best from our staff, and we wouldn’t be able to ensure they deliver on the promise of a premium service.

Our Values

We think our staff deserve better pay

We rely on our cleaners to provide a quality service every day and place huge value on the work they carry out. Regrettably, the average cleaner in the North East of England receives the national minimum wage. At Bamboo, we pay our staff a fair wage, because we believe it is morally right to so.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products

Bamboo cleaners only use products that are environmentally friendly. We do this so that our clients and our staff have reduced exposure to harmful chemicals, and as a result we are kinder to the planet too.

Is it really necessary? Every time you use a standard cleaning product, it’s likely that you could be ingesting fumes from the chemicals. Whilst these everyday products may help to make your room or your clothes smell better, these products have been known to contribute otherwise healthy people from getting asthma. This can affect anyone who lives and breathes in an environment where these products are used.

A study carried out by researchers at Imperial College London, highlighted that those working in occupations relating to cleaning were more likely to develop adult onset asthma, due to exposure to chemicals they work with on a daily basis. (R.E Ghosh et al.’Asthma and occupation in the 1958 birth cohort’ Thorax, 2012) Even those sprays and aerosols you think are harmless contain harmful substances that can linger in the air long after the initial mist dissipates. So, keeping the air clean is really important. That’s what we think, anyway.

We contribute to our local community

At Bamboo, we know that our work and home environments are so important, which is why we help to make them the best that they can be. However, we also value our community and try to stay in touch with any projects happening on our doorstep. We love our local community, but only think it fair if we can give something back. So, this is why the team at Bamboo have decided to donate 10% of its profits to a local community project.

We want to retain our staff and ensure their job satisfaction

Bamboo has guaranteed minimum hours (so no zero hour contracts), and our team also benefits from regular training and development. We know that not only does this please our staff, but it makes good business sense too. We would much rather retain our existing staff, and provide them with the platform to grow and develop in their roles. By looking after our staff, we know that they will look after you.

We want to reward our loyal domestic customers

We are firm believers that loyal customers should be rewarded. So, for every 10 hours of cleaning that you book, we will give you the 11th hour completely free!

Domestic Cleaning

Bamboo has a dedicated domestic cleaning service.

Realising that many clients want a toxin-free home to live in, a service from Bamboo will leave your house spotlessly clean without causing any harmful effects to the body. And, its kinder to the planet!


We are aware that some of our customers have a preference on the type of products use in their home.

Hourly rate with Bamboo’s eco-friendly products: £12.50

And remember, for every 10 hours you book, you will receive the 11th hour completely free. There is no expiry date on this offer, we only ask that you book a minimum of 2.5 hours for every session.

Prices for carpets and upholstery:

Carpet cleaning 12×12: £40

Sofa clean 2 seater: £20

Sofa clean large: £30

Chair: £10

Rug: £20

Stairs: £20

Landing: £10

Commercial Cleaning

Bamboo has vast experience in large office areas and retail spaces.

As we are expanding, we would be delighted to explore all other options.

Local businesses within a 5 mile radius of NE2 will also receive a 10% discount.

To provide you with an accurate quotation, a member from the Bamboo team will visit you on site to assess the area. If you would like Bamboo to visit, please email info@bamboo-cleaning.co.uk with your details and we will get in touch to arrange.